Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessments

Network Penetration Testing

This is a security testing service that focuses on locating vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other flaws in your networks, infrastructure and overall architecture (i.e. server services, network protocols, operating systems and any other IP enabled components). In this service, we try to exploit vulnerabilities in order to gain full access to vulnerable systems.

In a Network Vulnerability Assessment, which is a cost effective alternative to a Network Penetration Test, we only report on the flaws without actively exploiting them.

Web Application Penetration Testing

More than 70% of all technical attacks are aimed at the Web Application layer. This service examines your web applications from a coding and implementation flaw perspective, but also looks at issues like SQL injection, local and remote file inclusion as well as cross-site-scripting (XSS).It involves the attempts to actively exploit vulnerabilities in order to gain access to the Web Application, underlying database services and hosting server system itself.

In a Web Application Vulnerability Assessment, which is a cost effective alternative to a Web Application Penetration Test, we only report on the flaws without actively exploiting them.

Wireless Penetration Testing

WiFi is no longer just a “nice to have” but mission critical component to many businesses. The Wireless Penetration Testing service covers all threat vectors of Wireless Networks. Our audits contain attempts to crack Wireless Encryption and Authentication mechanisms, include the set up of rogue access points along with test phishing portals, a variety of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, Denial of Service Testing and Bluetooth Security tests.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Hardly any market is growing faster than mobile applications. This service covers all threat vectors concerning Mobile Apps. The audits contain Application Runtime Analysis, Traffic & Encryption flaws, Insecure Storage, Code Signing, Memory Protections, Fuzzing and Exploitation. We will test your Android and iPhone mobile applications to make sure they cannot be compromised.

Social Engineering Services

Often Security is breached despite the fact that the latest perimeter defenses are in place. Why? An employee may simply plug a USB stick in which claims to contain Amazon vouchers, brought their own infected device into the corporate network, clicked on a malicious PDF or simple visited a malware website as he/she thought the email instruction to click on that link came from her manager. Could your staff be tricked that way? Our Social Engineering services can find out.

Cyber Intelligence Services

Have you heard about the dark web? This is where a lot of illegal hacking activities take place. Has any of your confidential business data leaked out already? Are hackers planning to attack your business? Have you unintentionally shared too much information with Google? We provide you high-class reports around threats concerning your business. Reports can be delivered as a one time off or on a regular recurring basis.

Online Investigation Services

These days more and more criminal activity is taking place online. Our services are aimed at businesses and individuals alike, who are in the need for informational intelligence. The service can consist of locating individuals, private detective open source investigations of any kind, background checks, Identity theft investigations, tracking assets or stolen goods and many more. We also can assist law enforcement agencies with their cases.

Remediation Services

We support our clients with threat mitigation and remediation services as well. These services can range from hardening servers and endpoints, upgrading software and patch levels, configuration and re-configuration of Firewalls, IPS or SIEM systems, Network Security Design or Re-Design as well as best practice Security implementations across all common hardware and software platforms.

Compliance Consulting

Our experienced consultants will assist our customers step-by-step in achieving their compliance goals. We perform GAP Analysis’ in order to assess the current state of security in regards to regulations and compliance. We can help customers in implementing common compliance and standards such as: ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, FISMA, GDPR, SOC1+2, ITAR, just to name a few.

Forensic Analysis

In the aftermath of a security incident or breach, clients often need Security experts to carry out an incident response plan and perform Forensic Analysis. We will analyze malware with reverse engineering techniques, examine log files and access patterns to determine the gravity of the incident. We will prepare digital evidence, which is admissible in court and work hand-in-hand with law enforcement and our clients on evidence gathering.

Why should you get regular Penetration Tests?

  • What would happen if a competitor or hacker would steal your digital assets?
  • What legal consequences and lawsuits would a security breach have for you?
  • What financial implications would you face if your IT systems are taken down?
  • What reputational damage would a successful hack pose to your business?
  • Did you know that 90% of all deployed IT systems have vulnerabilities?


Every Service contains the following deliverables:

  • Comprehensive report (Executive summary and in-depth technical report)
  • Testing only at agreed testing times (for example at nights, weekends etc.)
  • Mitigation Advice on encountered vulnerabilities
  • Never running malicious exploits or DDoS Tests unless agreed beforehand
  • 1 Debrief call with the client over WebEx to go through the report
  • Instant notification of critical vulnerabilities found during testing phase
  • Secure report delivery by encrypted email
  • 1 Re-test after the initially encountered vulnerabilities have been mitigated
    (at a heavily discounted rate)

Benefits of Security Testing

  • Discovery & Mitigation of vulnerabilities
  • Reducing risk to your business
  • Protecting your IT security investment
  • What reputational damage would a successful hack pose to your business
  • Protecting clients, partners and third parties
  • One-time off or recurring options

Why us?

  • We are experts in Penetration Testing
  • Consultants holding the highest industry and government security certifications
  • Experience across all sectors and business sizes
  • Pride in excellence of our work
  • Your Security is our Priority!

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